Content Marketing

Effective transmedia storytelling which delivers content through various brand touchpoints requires a comprehensive strategic approach led by data analysis.

Based on user and behavioural analyses, we identify the relevant media and communication platforms, the right content for the user and the brand, prepare content plans and discover ways to entice the target group to interact with the brand.

We design branded content to boost publicity, manage marketing relations with media, design influencer campaigns, prepare social media plans and posts, and write blog posts and copy for digital channels and newsletters. Through a comprehensive collection of existing and new media formats, we provide companies or brands with a time- and communication-coordinated performance and content distribution.

Carefully monitoring the relevant metrics for every brand touchpoint as defined through key success indicators of the transmedia communication strategy, we optimize content marketing strategy in real-time.

Pristop, Renderspace

  • Content Creation
  • New Media Formats
  • Publicity & Influencer Campaigns
  • Marketing Public Relations
  • Digital PR
  • Social Media Management
  • Direct Marketing