It is time for Katarina Čas to simplify the campaign.

NEO simplifies everything - from content viewing to smart device management. This time, the main role and the word for presenting the benefits were given to actress Katarina Čas.

Client Telekom Slovenije
Year 2020
Industry Telecommunication


The user experience that NEO brings is instantly captured by everyone from the first voice command. So how do you bring advanced features closer to all movie masterpieces fans, fans of the latest series, children’s imagination and smart device enthusiasts?


This time, the new campaign was joined by the popular Slovenian actress Katarina Čas, who with her casualness and directness took care of the understandable presentation of NEO functions and in one of the ads also a basketball.

Therefore, in the main TV ad, which works on the "making of" principle, Katarina, in her first meeting with an energetic director and a swaying creative, extracts the practicality of NEO access to content with "search less, see more". And this conciseness, which highlights the core NEO strengths, has continued in the following product announcements, campaign implementations online, outdoor advertising, and points of sale. At the heart of the whole communication, however, was the enthusiasm for NEO.

The scene with the fan was filmed on the first attempt.


  • »The best!« Tina
  • »Haha. Well done!« Klemen
  • »Very good.« Marko