Big secret? Big data.

Strategy development for achieving new revenue streams from monetization of big data.

Client NDA
Velika skrivnost? Big data.
Year 2018
Industry Telecommunications

The challenge

A leading Telecommunications Company in Slovenia wanted to monetize its data. For successful implementation of strategy it was necessary to organize internal resources and define concrete sales solutions. Key challenge within the project was therefore to prepare a strategy for data monetization that considers all legal aspects, existing IT infrastructure, employees’ competences and necessary business processes to execute it. 

We provide an in-depth perspective of business expectations through data analysis, structuring and interpretation.


Within the project we reviewed key elements, necessary for implementation of external data monetization, evaluated different approaches to implement data monetization, prepared strategy audit and adjustments of critical areas, reviewed necessary data, legal conditions and IT infrastructure and defined business processes to execute strategy.

Our data-driven approach to consulting projects utilises the available data, providing a sound basis for decision making based on a large quantity of data through consolidation and structuring.


  • Our client successfully implemented our strategy to monetize data and its derivatives to companies. Strategy resulted in definition of new areas to generate income, coherent with internal challenges.


Client: Cankarjev dom, SNG Drama Ljubljana, Mestno gledališče ljubljansko

Year: 2019